There may be few times in life where one can experience true, pure joy as the birth of your child.  One thinks of the love, the future, the endless possibilities, and the overwhelming anticipation until the birth.  One may give anything to catch a glance at the developing baby.  First Look 3D/4D Ultrasound is the only facility of its kind in westman that gives that very opportunity!

First Look is a non-diagnostic ultrasound.  A standard ultrasound gives the size and shape of the baby in 2D imaging.  The First Look 3D technique combines multiple images from various angles to give a much more accurate description of shape, depth, features, even facial expression.  But First Look takes it even further by putting these more accurate images together in and real-time movie, providing parents with a first look at the life of their baby!

While a standard diagnostic ultrasound is an essential function, First Look experience goes beyond.  They are equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and software to render the images and video.  The observation suite is warm and cozy, designed to put the client at ease, and encourages not only fathers, but family and friends to share in the experience.  The observation room can easily accommodate a large group while still providing an exceptional real-time view of the procedure on a large monitor.

Various session packages at First Look can include the observation time, prints of the 3D ultrasound images, CDs and DVDs of the recorded observation, optional gender determination, and Heartthrob stuffed animals.  The images from these sessions become an important part of the baby’s future photo album.  But most amazing is their ability to record the baby’s heartbeat in utero, then transfer the recording to a variety of Heartthrob plush animals as a keepsake!

While First Look has standard business hours plus flexible after-hours bookings available, walk-ins are always welcome.  First Look has performed observations in every trimester – from 12 weeks to 34 weeks.  Some clients have come in more than 5 times throughout their pregnancy just to have a quick peek!

First Look is owned by Dr Sonny Dhalla and his wife Mrs Achla Dhalla. Dr Dhalla is a very well known surgeon with the Brandon Regional Health Authority and has practiced Medicine for 23years. The Dhalla’s are active members in the Brandon community and a variety of charities.  First Look is a proud sponsor of Bottom Line Charity – – providing bare necessities and educational assistance to low income families.

All of this happens at the First Look 3D/4D Ultrasound Clinic next to Clement X-Ray Clinic, located in the Brandon Medical Art Clinic at 339 Princess Avenue, where they are happy to give a tour of the facility and provide Gift certificates.

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